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George Pajari Sr.


Pajari Instruments Ltd. has grown from a partnership established in 1945 when the first EX-AX surveying instrument that provided accurate azimuth and inclination was made available to the diamond drilling industry.

The partnership between Charles Trotter and George Pajari Sr. was known as Trotter-Pajari Instruments and the EX-AX Instrument was dubbed the "TROPARI" by the diamond drilling industry.

The name stuck irrespective of our attempts to give the evolving instrument line another name. Charles Trotter, a mechanical engineer, was also a marketing genius who developed substantial demand in Australia, Africa and South America in the 1940's and early 1950's. In fact the sales to each of these continents exceeded those to North America during those early years.

In 1945 we began when the first accurate azimuth and inclination surveying instrument was offered to the diamond drilling industry. Named the Tropari, this instrument set the standard for accuracy and ease of use for the small diameter drilling market. The co-founder of Pajari Instruments believed that if a product wasn't user friendly or it had to have experts to operate it, then it wasn't worth creating. Pajari Instruments Ltd prides itself for continuing to maintain these standards 70 years later.


For over 70 years we have been providing high quality and easy to use directional surveying instrumentation and accessories. Our commitment to providing affordable prices to customers has allowed us to reach customers world wide and supply products to more than 60 countries. We are located in Orillia, Ontario, Canada and offer services and products that assist customers with their individual requirements.

These were the first accurate, reliable and easy to use instruments available to the small diameter drilling market servicing the mining, exploration and site engineering sectors. Not many holes were surveyed then and our mission was clearly to educate the various fraternities on the availability of borehole surveying techniques. We have been doing just that ever since.

After the death of Charles Trotter in 1956, George Pajari Sr. with the assistance of his wife Hilda continued the business under the title of Pajari Instruments. George Sr. set most of the tenets that comprise our present Mission Statement. If it wasn't user friendly or if it had to have experts to operate it, that instrument design was doomed. If the customer wasn't getting good value in his opinion, manufacturing and repair procedures were examined to see where efficiency could be improved to cut costs without sacrificing Quality.

George Pajari Jr and his wife Darlene assumed the reins of Pajari Instruments Ltd. in 1981 when George Sr. decided on semi-retirement. George Jr. brought the "client geologist's" perspective to the company. The company moved from Toronto to a 30 hectare (80 acre) site near Orillia shortly afterward. This site provided the high magnetic latitude earth field environment without magnetic pollution that is necessary for accurate compass setting. The park like setting of this location is a positive psychological benefit for our staff.

George Sr. passed away in 2002 being preceded by Hilda only by 3 months, George Jr. continues at the helm of the company. With dedication from long term employees/contractors and third generation family members, Pajari Instruments Ltd. continues operations/new product development in Orillia.

Pajari Instruments Ltd. is providing an increasing array of "Surveying Instruments, Accessories and Application Tools". to enable the drilling industry to service its broad client base. This equipment is designed to provide efficient and cost effective borehole surveying. By working with drilling equipment manufacturers, drilling contractors and with clients of drilling services, we are able to define and provide industry compatible solutions.

Pajari Instruments Ltd. has been and continues to be is dedicated to quality in all areas of the company.

ISO 9001-2008 is the most recent standard for our formal Quality Management System.

Mission Statement

Pajari Instruments Ltd is committed to the:
  • Excellence of our designs, products and services; and the dedication to the achievement of higher standards.

  • Reliability and longevity of our products with simplicity of use being a key factor in our design philosophy.

  • Fair and competitive value of our products and services.

  • Professional and efficient relationship with our customers and suppliers.

  • Development of our people through training and experience to enable them to better lead the company in its global markets.

  • Environmental well being of our planet.

  • Recognition of the common ancestry of the people on this planet and the relative insignificance of their differences.


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