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The e-SYNC-i provides efficient and reliable inclination measurements.

Its advanced technology accurately measures inclination in a variety of boreholes in a wide range of applications.


Pajari Instruments Ltd. prides itself on manufacturing surveying systems that are easy to use and maximize profits by minimizing capital costs, operating costs and person power.

e-SYNC-i provides efficient and reliable inclination measurements. Using the earths gravitational force, e-SYNC-is advanced technology accurately measures inclination in a variety of boreholes and for a wide range of environments.

Precision engineering along with durable construction materials makes e-SYNC-i a logical surveying choice.


Pajari e-SYNC-i with carrying case and accessories.


Holes inclined at any angle can be surveyed in single-shot, multi-shot or automatic mode.

Application hardware for the e-SYNC-i can be customized to suit special needs and large hole sizes. We take pride in our time proven ability to provide customers with solutions for their special hardware needs.

Pajari Instruments Ltd is committed to the reliability and longevity of its products and service. A 1 year Warranty is standard on the e-SYNC series of instruments.



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  • A cost effective solution for continuous or periodic service.

  • Embedded wireless communication eliminates the need for on-site user access into the body of the instrument.

  • Survey results can be displayed without removing the instrument from the survey train.

  • User interface provides easy instructions eliminating the need for specialized training.

  • Time stamping and other security features give confidence that the surveys are performed as specified.

  • A self-test is performed on the instrument sensors before each survey which increases reliability. The stability indicator indicates whether or not the instrument moved while the survey was being recorded.

  • Instrument design includes redundant sensor axes.

  • User friendly touch screen incorporates large buttons for ease of use in a variety of environments.

  • Surveys can be downloaded to either a computer or laptop for further processing.


PDA Handheld Computer

  For further details and full product specification please download the e-SYNC-i brochure.  



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Great value

Easy to use

Excellent reliability

Rugged and dependable

Multi-shot, single-shot & automatic survey modes

  Dimensions & Weight    
  Diameter 35.6 mm (1.4)    
  Length 58.4 cm (23)    
  Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
  Thread Pattern    

Standard V Thread 1 16 threads per inch

  Measurement Range    
  Inclination +/- 90
  Standard +/- 0.5


-40C (-40F) to +85C (185F)


30 MPa (4300 psi)

Communication Method

Normal Wireless

Backup Wired connection


Equipment Included

In-hole Survey Instrument

PDA Handheld Computer with Weatherproof Case

Communications Cables

Battery Chargers

Spare Data Port Plug

Switch & Data Port Drivers

Backup Data Card

Data Card Reader


Operating Instructions

Heavy Duty Transit Case


Optional Application Hardware

Cable Swivel




Roller Sections


Extension Rods

Sinker Rods

Impact Feet


Additional models available - Contact our friendly sales staff for further details.
Custom instruments and application hardware also available.


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e-SYNC-i Online Quotation Request Form

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Surveying Methods

Please select one of the survey options below. If you require more information about the various survey methods most commonly used click on the link for more detail. If unsure of the survey method being used or you would like one of our friendly experts to review your requirement please select Other. 

Cable Lowered Surveying downward direction holes.
Rod Insertion Surveying shallow, horizontal or upward direction holes and for other applications such as conventional drilling.
Wireline Surveying while you are retrieving your core in wireline drilling.
Other Please provide the information that you have available for your surveying requirements in additional information below and a representative will contact you to review.

Additional Information

Please let us know if you have any special requirements and, if available, provide details for your surveying application (hole length, hole diameter, drill size, etc.) which will enable our sales staff to provide a detailed quotation.



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