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   e-SYNC - Handheld Operation - Building an Output File

Opens new window - Turning System On and Off

Turning System On and Off  


Press “Data”



Press “Build Output File”

This screen allows you to make a file (comma separated format) which can be read on a computer.



If you know the administrator password and would like to delete all surveys stored in the PDA after the file is made, check the Delete Data Stored box (you will be asked to enter the password)



Press “Create” – this will save a file on the data card.

(and delete the surveys stored on the PDA if the check box was selected and the correct password entered)



A message shows the filename and location on the data card where the file has been saved – Press “Ok”



To view or save the file to a computer or laptop perform the following steps:

  1. Turn off the PDA

  2. In a clean and dry environment, remove the clear top section from the PDA weather proof case by opening the latches on the sides of the case which will give access to the top of the PDA

  3. On the top of the PDA push in the data card (small memory card) once to unlatch it and then pull it out of the PDA

  4. Insert the data card into the data card reader (see equipment list near the end of this manual)

  5. We recommend having an anti-virus program running on your computer or laptop. This reduces the chances of a virus being transferred to the data card, which could then be transferred to another computer from the data card.

  6. Insert the data card reader into a USB port on your computer or laptop and save or open the file as required.

  7. When finished, remove the data card reader from the computer and the data card from the data card reader.

  8. Install the data card back into the PDA and make sure it has latched back in place (doesn’t stick out of the PDA)

  9. Turn on the PDA and now you are ready to start surveying again


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