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   e-SYNC - Handheld Operation - Downloading a Survey

Turning System On and Off  
  1. Press “Data”  
  2. Press “Download Survey”  

Screen info:

Please wait . . .

Downloading Surveys . . .

Calculating . . .



Now that you have the survey measurement on screen, you should check the stability of the survey which is shown on the right side of the screen. A low stability rating means that the instrument probably moved during the survey and the survey should be repeated.

A negative inclination measurement indicates a downward hole.

The buttons at the top of this screen allow you to save additional information for this survey (operator name, location, depth and notes you would like kept with the survey results). Note that new operator names and new locations (i.e. Hole1) can be added


Press “Next” which brings you to the “Survey Summary” Screen where you can review the data before saving it.

Note: Once you press the “Save” button you will no longer be able to add or customize any information for that survey. All surveys must be saved so, if necessary, add a note saying to ignore a particular survey.

  5. Press “Save”  

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