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   e-SYNC - Instrument Operation - Single Shot Timed Mode


Press “Survey” with your finger

(Do not use sharp objects that might damage the weather proof case)


Press “Single-Shot Timed”


The instrument automatically remembers the settings from your last survey and you can adjust the time (how long it will take to get the instrument to the survey location) using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

Note: HH is hours, MM is minutes, SS is seconds


Press “Start Survey”

Note: if there is a survey already waiting to be downloaded then a message will appear. Before taking a new survey, please download the survey stored in the instrument to ensure your important survey data is not lost.

Screen info: -

Please wait . . .  

Performing Test . . .


A system test is automatically performed before each survey and it checks the battery levels of the PDA and the instrument as well as checking the electronic sensors to make sure everything is working correctly before taking the survey. If the test should fail it will be automatically repeated. If the battery levels are low a warning screen will appear.


Do a final check on the instrument to make sure the battery compartment is sealed.

Make sure that the instrument battery compartment has not come loose by ensuring the lines on the outside of the instrument (look for the X near one end) are aligned as follows:

DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT (Operating Instructions - Replacing the Batteries - Do not attempt to open the instrument battery compartment. Doing so will void the warranty and may cause damage to the instrument. see: Replacing the Batteries)

If using the wireless connection method, insert the small e-SYNC port driver into the side hole of the large e-SYNC port driver (this allows for extra leverage) and then make sure the data port plug is FIRMLY installed in the data port (item B in Figure 1)



Press "Next” - the PDA will provide you with a “countdown” and the following “information” screens so you can follow the survey process step by step.

Screen info:

Instructing e-SYNC

Move Instrument into Position

This is when you remove the cable if using cable communication mode and make sure you INSTALL & FIRMLY TIGHTEN THE PRESSURE PROOF DATA PORT PLUG. A message will appear to remind you to do so.

The instrument is now active and should be inserted into the hole using the appropriate running gear for your application. Note that you won’t be able to communicate with the instrument while it is in the hole.

Screen info:

Stop Instrument Now

The PDA will give warning beeps) if the instrument moves after the timer gets to 0 seconds then your survey results will not be correct and you will get a low stability measurement.

Screen info:

Keep e-SYNC as still as possible for the next 23 seconds

Survey Complete – Retrieve e-SYNC


Once the instrument has been retrieved from the hole, it will be able to communicate with the PDA again. Press “Download”

Screen info:

Please wait . . .

Downloading Surveys . . .

Calculating . . .


Now that you have the survey measurement on screen, you should check the stability of the survey, which is shown on the right side of the screen. A low stability rating means that the instrument probably moved during the survey and the survey should be repeated.

An inclination measurement of -90° indicates a vertical hole pointing down, 0° indicates a horizontal hole, and 90° indicates a vertical hole pointing up.

The buttons at the top of this screen allow you to save additional information for this survey (operator name, location, depth and notes you would like kept with the survey results). Note that new operator names and new locations (i.e. Hole1) can be added.


Press “Next” which brings you to the “Survey Summary” Screen where you can review the data before saving it.

Note: Once you press the “Save” button you will no longer be able to add or customize any information for that survey. All surveys must be saved so, if necessary, add a note saying to ignore a particular survey.


Press “Save” – you are now ready to take another survey.


Turn off the instrument and PDA when finished surveying and charge the batteries if required.



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