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   e-SYNC - Handheld Operation - Trouble Shooting
Problem Possible Solution

The instrument won’t turn on

Turn the power switch off and re- charge the battery

Green light on the Instrument Battery Charger won’t come on

Disconnect and then re-connect the power source while the charger is still connected to the instrument

The wireless communication doesn’t work

Try holding the PDA approximately 1 meter away from the instrument and make sure the instrument antenna (the black area near the power switch) is pointing towards the PDA

The wireless communication still doesn’t work

Use the supplied communication cable plugged into the instrument data port (remove the data port plug – item B in Figure 1 – with the large port driver but make sure the data port plug area is clean and dry) and the port in the bottom of the PDA (remove the rubber plug from the bottom of the PDA weather proof case) and then select “Cable” instead of “Wireless” on the PDA

The PDA (Handheld Computer) doesn’t have the e-SYNC program running

Make sure the instrument data card is fully inserted into the PDA

Operating Instructions - Building an Output File - Press “Data” . . see: "Building an output file"

The PDA will not turn on

Re-charge the battery.

Operating Instructions - Charging the Instrument & PDA Batteries - Charge the instrument by performing . . see: "Instrument and Battery Charging"

A keyboard appears on the PDA screen and won’t go away

Try pressing the keyboard symbol at the bottom center of the screen. If this doesn’t help then refer to “The PDA doesn’t respond or will not turn on after charging the battery” below

The PDA doesn’t respond or will not turn on after charging the battery

Reset the PDA by removing the rubber plug in the bottom of the weather proof case and inserting a paper clip (or similar object) into the reset hole on the bottom of the PDA (towards the left side)

The PDA screen is not bright

Increase the backlight setting

Operating Instructions - How to adjust the PDA Backlight - Press Settings . . . . . see: "Adjusting the Backlight"

The PDA screen is off

If the PDA is turned on (you will see a blue flashing light in the top left corner), try turning the backlight on and off by holding the PDA power button for approximately 5 seconds

The instrument does not pass the system test

Contact us for assistance

The Data Port Plug is stuck

Inserting the small port driver into the side hole of the large port driver for extra leverage


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