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   e-SYNC - Wireline Survey Train Assembly Instructions

The following diagrams show typical survey train configurations. When assembling any survey train, please be careful of the following; do not use pipe wrenches on the instrument and always check to make sure the battery compartment and data port plug are firmly closed to prevent water damage. Ensure the arrow on the instrument points into the hole (away from the spearhead, cable swivel or drill rods).

The instrument can be used in holes of any direction with a standard overshot or pump-in overshot as required for normal core retrieval. The instrument screws into North American overshots which have a 1” 16TPI thread or it can be used with overshots that have different thread configurations by adding thread adapters.



Configuration 1

The preferred configuration is to simply install the instrument into a spare overshot with the following items;

1 – spearhead 3 – instrument
2 – female-female coupling 4 – overshot head

When you want to take a survey while retrieving the core, simply attach the second overshot (with the instrument installed) to the overshot already being used to retrieve the core.

Configuration 2

Another option is to add the instrument directly to your standard or pump-in overshot in the following order;

1 – cable swivel 3 – instrument
2 – female-female coupling 4 – overshot head

With this configuration, the instrument needs to be installed into the overshot each time you need to take a survey.

Configuration 3

If you need to survey as close to the end of the drill rods as possible then you can attach the survey train to the core barrel assembly after the core barrel has been removed. Using this method means that you can’t survey while retrieving the core. The required items to be attached to the core barrel assembly (after the core barrel has been removed) are;

1 – core barrel sub 4 – instrument
2 – female-female coupling 5 – female-female coupling*
3 – extension rod(s) 6 – impact foot

* coupling can be replaced by a centralizer for increased accuracy


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