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   Tropari - Operating Instructions Operating Instructions   Operating and Surveying Instructions - Follow these steps for efficient and easy surveying . . . Operating Instructions  
  Setting Time on the Tropari Instrument. Setting Time   Turning the System On and Off - Turn ON the instrument by using the small e-SYNC port driver to turn the power switch clockwise . . . Turning the System On and Off
   Reading the Survey Results Reading the Results   Administration Options- The Administration Options allow the Administrator to “set-up” or pre-program information in the handheld . . . Administration Options
  How to prevent Shock Damage to the instrument. Shock Damage   Operating Instructions - Downloading a Survey - Press “Data” . . . Downloading a Survey
  How to Prevent Water Damage to the instrument. Water Damage   Operating Instructions - Building an Output File - Press “Data” . . Building an Output file  
   How to re-charge the Desiccant Container. Desiccant Container   Operating Instructions - How to perform a Systems Test - Press Settings . . . Performing a System Test  
  How to Check the Accuracy and Sensitivity of the Tropari instrument. Checking Sensitivity   Operating Instructions - How to Check the instrument and PDA Battery Levels . . . Checking the Battery Levels  
  Instrument Container Maintenance Container Maintenance   Trouble Shooting Trouble Shooting  

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