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Where Quality Meets Value

Our mission is simple - to provide reliable products held to the highest standards for a competitive price. 

In 1945, the company began when the first accurate, reliable and easy to use azimuth and inclination surveying instrument was offered to the diamond drilling industry servicing the mining, exploration and site engineering sectors. 

The co-founder of Pajari Instruments believed that if a product wasn't user friendly or it had to have experts to operate it, then it wasn't worth creating. Today, we take great pride in maintaining this founding principle.

Pajari Instruments Ltd has been providing superb quality directional surveying instruments to our customers for over 70 years.

Our dedicated team of professionals design, manufacture and test all of our products on site to ensure our exacting standards are not compromised. It's not a wonder then that our company's products have become well known for their longevity and the company for its ability to provide customization and flexibility to suit our customer's needs.

All of our products are available for sale, rent or lease. We also offer repair, calibration and service for instruments and accessories.


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