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Pajari Instruments Ltd. reserves the right to contact the owner of record if instruments and/or accessories are returned for servicing or sent for a resale appraisal by another party.


Discount Policy

  There will not be a discount in the following situations;  
  • one instrument order
  • all application hardware
  • repair work
  • document handling
  • shipping costs
  • new customers



Due to the specialized nature of our instruments, service and repairs are completed at our head office in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Highly specialized equipment is required to perform the service to ensure the accuracy of our products.

To ensure accuracy, the e-SYNC requires routine maintenance and recalibration every 18 months. Recalibration schedules will be maintained by Pajari Instruments Ltd., and a reminder will be sent to you electronically for planning the scheduled maintenance/recalibration.

For your budget purposes, the 18 month reoccurring cost for this required service is around 3% of the instrument cost.

Servicing and testing of instruments requires hands-on service time as well as many additional hours while the tests are running. Customers are only charged for the hands-on service time. Periods of exceptional demand may occur which effect turnaround and response times. Pajari Instruments Ltd makes every effort to ensure that each customer receives the most efficient repair and service turnaround periods possible.

Each instrument returned for service must pass an extensive series of tests and quality inspections before Quality Control approval is given to return the completed instrument to the customer. A Certificate of Qualification assuring the quality performance of the instrument is issued and returned with the instrument.

For products still within the warranty period please see the warranty section below.


Technical Support

  For Technical support or troubleshooting please e-mail us at: or call 1.705.325.3222 to speak with our customer support staff.  
  Returning products for service

For fast and convenient service, it is important that complete billing/shipping addresses and any special instructions are sent in with the equipment. Delays in obtaining this information will cause delays in processing the repair. We will provide a quotation unless special arrangements have already been made.

Please send us an e-mail or give us a telephone call, with your contact information, your couriers name and the shipment waybill number. This will allow us to track your shipment to ensure it gets to us as quickly as possible.


International shipping


Years of experience has allowed us to identify the most efficient customs procedure to ensure the quickest possible turnaround time. Commercial paperwork sent with the equipment being returned to Canada for repairs and/or service should include the serial number(s) to avoid additional customs charges and an appropriate commercial value for the equipment. In addition, it is critical that the commercial invoice sent with the returned equipment includes the following statement: “Customer owned borehole surveying instrument being returned for repair"

  Shipping Address:

Pajari Instruments Ltd.

4152 Carlyon Line, RR#4

Orillia, Ontario, Canada, L3V 6H4

Tel: +1-705-325-3222

  Instruments and accessories manufactured by Pajari Instruments Ltd. are guaranteed against defective material or faulty workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of shipment to Buyer.  

Pajari Instruments Ltd.
will repair, at its factory in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, any goods which prove to be defective in materials or workmanship at no cost to the Buyer. All instruments and accessories returned for defects shall be returned to Pajari Instruments Ltd. at the expense to the Buyer. The right to return shall be the only remedy of the Buyer under all circumstances. As our products are manufactured and tested to Pajari Instruments Ltd. Standard Specifications, we reserve the final decision in the matter of defective material or workmanship claim.

All documentation regarding this decision will be provided to the buyer.


  The warranty is void on instruments which have:

a)  been disassembled or otherwise tampered with in any way whatsoever, including alteration of Pajari Instrument serial numbers, marks, labels or designs,


b)  incurred water or shock damage or been misused.

If clause (a) or (b) applies all repair charges become the responsibility of the Buyer.


Pajari Instruments Ltd. makes no warranties or guarantees of merchantability, suitability or fitness for a particular use or purpose nor does it make any warranty or guarantee whatsoever other than is contained here.

The PDSI design of Pajari borehole surveying instruments is certified to be that which has been established as an international standard for over 65 years under the trade name Tropari. 

Pajari Instruments Ltd. reserves the right to incorporate design changes and improvements in any instrument returned or submitted for repairs.


For other inquires or additional assistance please contact one of our product support specialists at


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