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   Wedge Setting Surveying

Diagram - not to scale


Both fixed and retrievable wedges can be set to the desired direction. High efficiency is achieved with this surveying instrument since there is no need to waste time removing the instrument from the survey train in order to gain access to the user interface or communications port. Simply retrieving the instrument after performing a survey, download & display the results as soon as it clears the collar, adjust the wedge position and then re-insert the instrument for a confirmation survey.


The survey train can be easily customized to suit different applications and connections such as replacing the cable swivel with a spearhead. The instrument can be threaded directly into equipment which has a 1" 16TPI thread and can be used with other equipment with a different thread configuration by adding thread adapters. Standard and custom thread adapters are available.


Information to provide when requesting a quotation:

If available, please includes details about your surveying application so we can provide a detailed quotation and/or additional information. Common details to include are:

  • What is the drill size(s)?

  • What is the direction (upward, downward, horizontal, etc) of the hole?

  • What is the length of the hole?

  • Is the hole water filled?

















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