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   Tropari - Container Maintenance

Taking proper care of your Tropari instrument container can minimize your instrument maintenance costs and prolong your container life.


Instrument containers should be cleaned regularly to ensure  grease and dirt do not collect in the threads.

 Taking a small block of wood and rubbing around the threads will help to eliminate collected dirt and keep the seats clean and trouble free.


Instrument Container Maintenance

  • Keep the join-faces, threads and the inside of the container clean and dry. Avoid using Teflon tape on containers, it is not required.

  • When not in use, keep the cap and container body screwed together to prevent injury to the join-faces and threads.

  • Use open-end wrenches to tighten container very firmly. Pipe wrenches should never be used. Pajari Instruments sells specially machined wrenches for use with containers.

  • BQ size containers do not require the use of fibre gaskets. All other size containers do.  A replaceable O-ring has also been added to all size containers for secondary protection.

  • Keep rubber shock absorbers clean and dry. Replace when necessary with the appropriate size Pajari shock absorbers.


If you have any doubt about the condition of your container, send it in to Pajari Instruments Ltd. for a thorough examination and repair if necessary. Containers that have not been properly maintained or used incorrectly may invalidate your instrument warranty.


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