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   Tropari - Desiccant Container

Desiccant Container for removing moisture from Tropari unit while in it's instrument box.


The Tropari Instrument box comes equipped with a moisture absorbing desiccant container which helps remove moisture from the Tropari while it is being stored in the instrument box.


To access this container, simply remove the hand lens and the small underlying piece of foam.


If the desiccant crystals are pink, remove the container from the instrument box.

Heat the container under a lamp or in an oven at 100 degrees** until the crystals turn blue.

** When using the oven method keep a watchful eye.

DO NOT allow the crystals to be overheated as this will ruin them.

Re-install the container into the instrument box.

  This picture shows how the heat from a desk lamp can be used to "dry out" and re-charge the desiccant container.  

Always remember to store the dry instrument in the instrument box with the lid closed.

Over time, the desiccant container will no longer be able to be "dried out" and will have to be replaced.

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