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   Tropari - Setting Time



Hold the Tropari in your left hand.

Using the index finger and thumb of the right hand, gently move the knurled timing ring so that the setting mark on the ring turns to the left.


Tropari - Setting Time (figure 1)  

A side view of the inner frame showing the distinctive 5 and 10 minute timing marks on a model 201 Tropari. The model 211 Tropari has only 10 minute marks. Single dots on the scale represent 30 minute intervals - double dots 60 minutes.


Tropari - Setting Time (figure2)

  Timing the Tropari  

Remember that the last ten minutes of the time set on the TROPARI  is  utilized for the locking cycle. If you have not reached your survey depth when only ten minutes are left, the survey will not give meaningful results if you continue to lower.


Tropari - Setting Time (figure 3)


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