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   Wireline Surveying Instructions - Step 11

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Join together the 4 - 1.5m ( 5 foot ) aluminum rods with the rod couplings and connect the inner tube sub to the top rod. Raise the drill rods 10m (30 feet) to provide the space below the bit to accommodate the survey train Send overshot down to grab spearhead on the core barrel assembly like you would normally do when it is time to retrieve the core. When the overshot hooks up with the spearhead on the core barrel at the bottom of the hole, mark the wireline. Raise the wireline until the marker is just entering the wireline winch then stop.      Attach the instrument container onto the 60cm (2 foot) aluminum rod with the plastic impact foot.  
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Mark the wireline a second time. We will call this the "slow down" marker. Remove core from core barrel. Remove the core lifter casing from the core barrel (inner tube). Timing marks and setting marks on the Tropari. Place the Tropari into the instrument container with the arrow on the instrument pointing into the hole.      
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 Attach the instrument container onto the 60cm (2 foot) aluminum rod with the plastic impact foot.  Attach this assembly to the bottom of the four  1.5m (5 foot) aluminum rods that you assembled in Step 1. Make sure all connections are tight using the container wrenches. Insert the assembled survey train, by hand into the drill rods, until it is stopped be the hitch pin at the top of the train. Attach the overshot onto the core barrel that you removed the core lifter casing in Step 8 and raise it up the boom.      
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Connect the bottom of core barrel to the inner tube sub and tighten connections. Pull the hitch pin and begin lowering the now assembled 12m (36 foot) survey train. Watch closely now for that second marker you placed on the wireline. When you see the marker come off the cable winch SLOW DOWN ! Once the survey train reaches the bottom of the hole, we now take a break and wait for the Tropari to lock. Tropari locking time is over, time to bring up the survey train.      
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Attach instrument container onto 60cm (2 foot) aluminum rod with the plastic impact foot.

Once the survey train gets back to the top, re-install hitch pin in the hole just under the inner tube sub. Unscrew the core barrel from the inner tube sub and move the core barrel to the side. Raise the survey train by hand and remove it from the drill rods. Remove the instrument container and impact foot from the rest of the survey train. Move to a dry location, open the instrument container and take readings from Tropari.        
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